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About: Hi, I'm stephen, I'm a certified welder, working on my machinists cert, and working part time at a hardware store. Mixing in all of that with my hobbies of blacksmithing and knifemaking, only makes for more...

This is a leather flask, it's waterproofed with beeswax, and a has a cedar and cork stopper. To pretty it up I carved a celtic knot on the front of the flask. You can see the full instructable about how I made it here.



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    After seeing the flame wars on the other post, I see why you did the re-post. Really great job, great info, beautiful work. Thanks. Generally for things I will be either drinking out of or storing liquids in, I prefer to line them with Brewers pitch. Grant it, it is a bit "touchier" to use. Again Thanks

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    whoops forgot to mention that is primarily for leather items, though I have lined by "Tinned" revolutionary war canteen with pitch too.

    You should enter this in the leather working contest!

    Could you make an instructable on how to tool leather?

    Love this project. I will be making one of these soon to hold some mead I am making.

    I was wondering , would it be possible to make my leather bracelet waterproof with beeswax?

    It is very nice :) A little big for my taste, but very nice for medica or grog :)