Leather Fowl Game Carrier

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Intro: Leather Fowl Game Carrier

Most of the time when hunting I don't care to much for the vest style game carries often utilized. I only really hunt fowl ( mammal allergy) and don't care for the bloody animal carcasses in a pouch at my back in late summer sun. This leather game carrier is very handy and can be used for more than just birds, any small game really.

The one I will make here will only carry a few birds, my next hunt is a grouse hunt with a 3 bird limit, so 3 to 5 loops on my carrier should do.

If you choose to construct it would be easy to adapt for your needs. I'll probably also soon make a carrier for dove, a fifteen bird limit.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Materials.

I'll use the following:

Cutting board
Hole punch
Utility knife
Small brads and crimper
Rings, mine salvaged from an old tent

Step 2: Layout Project on Leather

I started by laying a 2"x12" box then laying out 4 1/2" x 9" strips, as shown.

Then cut out. I find a simple sharp utility knife is best for cutting.

Step 3: Mark Holes for Punch and Brad.

Mark holes for Punching and bradding. Assure you holes are properly sized for your brads.

Step 4: Cut and Punch Holes for Belt.

My widest belt was an 1&1/4".

I laid out slots 1&3/4" and punched holes to assure stops in the leather and that'd not tear.

Step 5: Add You Own Personal Touches.

Don't neglect to wet you leather before stamping.

Step 6: Attach Loops

Using brads to attach loops.

Step 7: Hang Your Game.




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    5 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Don't you need to double the leather strap within each metal loop before bradding it (to make a loop for the bird's neck)? I did not see this step.


    2 years ago

    The birds are not real, just really realistic lucky duck dove decoys.


    2 years ago

    I have not stained or added an sealer to the leather wanted it to take on a little natural rugged color.


    2 years ago

    Are those birds real?


    Nice leather working job. Do you do anything extra to seal the leather to keep it looking clean?