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If *YOU* enjoy this instructable, please take a moment to VOTE for it !  This Fringed Necklace can be made with EITHER Suede Leather (nice and soft, thinner quality) -OR- a recycled T-Shirt for fabric !! 

Step 1: Materials Needed:

Sewing Machine - OR - If using T-Shirt Material - CAN be sewn by hand !!  Leather (thin quality), Sewing Needle, Thread, Scissors, Rotary Cutter, Tape Measure, Measuring Stick, Iron, Ribbon, Pony Beads

Step 2: Cut Fabric

Lay fabric out straight and cut 10" x 24" rectangle.

Step 3: Fold Fabric, Mark / Cut Ends

Fold fabric lengthwise (on long side), Fold again in half (on long side).  MARK a diagonal on END of raw folded edges.  CUT with Rotary cutter.

Step 4: Fold Fabric, Insert Ribbon

With a double pointed piece of fabric already cut, you are now ready to fold for fringe.  I used the 13.5" mark to have two layers of fringe one alittle shorter than the other.  You can also fold in half.  IRON the fold to crease the fabric.  CUT a piece of Ribbon 36".  Lay ribbon close to fold, pinning if necessary to prepare to sew. 

Step 5: SEW

SEW Ribbon to be inside of folded leather.  Sew 1/2 - 1" depending on width of ribbon. 

Step 6: Cut Fringe

Now Ready to Cut Fringe !!  :)  Lay straight edge ruler on top of fabric going down center.  Using Rotary cutter, cut in half up center to a little short of ribbon casing.  Using Straight Edge, move over 1/8" for each fringe to cut with Rotary Cutter.  Cut one side first, then the other to keep lines straight.

Step 7: Optional - ADD Pony Beads

If you'd like to have Pony Beads at the top (this is optional of course), select the top layer fringe and space out every inch or so, depending on how many you'd like to have.  You are now Finished !!  Tie around neck, adjust length to suit and WEAR !! This looks fantastic over a t-shirt, strapless top.  Layer it with a longer sleeve denim shirt over for a cowgirl type of look :)  I hope you have enjoyed this intractable and PLEASE !!! don't forget to vote for me !!  Until another Instructable....Love, Kanatka 

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6 years ago on Introduction

After looking at this beautiful necklace I had to follow you. Native American artistry is so beautiful and I would like to see more of your work.

Dream Dragon

6 years ago on Introduction

Wouldn't suit me, (not my colour you understand) but it's a nice piece of work, easy to do, readily customised and well...

Let's just say I've seen smaller bikinis!

1 reply
KanatkaDream Dragon

Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

That's the GREAT part of this - YOU can change it to ANY color you wish. I can recommend using a favorite color T-Shirt to try as well as the leather. It's not a Bikini - it's a Necklace or Statement piece of Jewelry. Thank you for the input and happy sewing :) Kanatka