Leather Growler Carrier




Introduction: Leather Growler Carrier

If you enjoy walking to your local brewery to get your growler filled you are likely like me and are tired of your fingers falling asleep while caring your nice cold beer back home. This growler carrier is a great solution to throw one or two growlers over your shoulder and trek back home where you can sit outside on your deck and enjoy.

Step 1: Gather What You Need

For this project I'm using a few new tools, this was my forth and most popular project. I made quite a few of these for xmas presents.

Gather your hardware first, I used all brass parts.


  1. Leather Fork
  2. Hammer... or better yet a "poly headed maul or rawhide hammer"
  3. 2 Leather stitching needles
  4. Wax thread
  5. A Snap Setter Kit
  6. 1/16 inch hole punch
  7. 3/16 inch hole punch
  8. Rivets
  9. set of snaps
  10. Buckle and Brass clips hardware

Step 2: Cut Your Pattern

The Pattern is pretty simple, the main piece of leather is 16.5 inches wide, which allows for a quarter inch or so overhang for the seam/stitching and is 6 Inches high.

You will also need a 10 Inch long by 0.75 inches wide and 23 Inches by 0.75 Inches long straps.

For the main strap I cut 2 pieces 23 Inches by 0.5 Inches and put a buckle in the middle.

Step 3: Putting It All Together

This project is pretty quick to put together because it is mostly rivets with one stitch.

  1. Use double sided tape to tape up the seam of the body wrapped around your growler
  2. Use your fork to stamp your holes
  3. Now hand stitch it up, for thread length take the seam edge and multiply it by 4 or 4.5.
  4. I use the 0.75 Inch strap to go from one side underneath the Growler and over to the other side, this will keep it nice and safe. don't forget to loop in your hardware.
  5. I use the double sided tape again to keep everything together while I punch my holes with my 1/16 Inch punch
  6. put your rivets through the punched hole and give them a good tap.
    • I practiced about 5 times on scrap before I braved the actual project
  7. for the securing strap I put the growler in it new holder an marked my two holes with a really pointy thingy so it went straight through then I brought out my punched.
  8. I used a normal rivet to secure the strap to the body of the holder
  9. I then used my 1/16 to put the male snap on the body of the growler holder and hammered down the snap with the snap setter kit
  10. I used the 3/16 punch for the female end on the strap and again used the snap setter kit
  11. for the main growler strap I used the 0.5 Inch strapping and I used the rivets again to secure a loop with my brass clips.
  12. You don't have to but I did add a small buckle to the main strap between my brass clips

Now that your project is complete you can trek over grab some brew and trek home without your fingers going purple.


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6 Discussions


3 years ago

Thanks for sharing the picture! I really like the stitching.


3 years ago

I use these guys http://www.lonsdaleleather.com/#our-story


3 years ago

This is awesome. Where is everyone getting their leather? I have no where local to buy, it will have to be online.


3 years ago

Thanks! I will be making this. Not only because it is awesome, but also to get my husband's giant growler out of the tiny kitchen cupboard, and instead hang it on the coat rack by the door.


3 years ago

Thanks! They are pretty popular, I've made 6 of these so far for friends and family.

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That is probably the best looking growler carrier that I have ever seen. Plus, you can carry a pair of mugs on each side of the shoulder strap.