Leather Hand Made Men's Wallet

Introduction: Leather Hand Made Men's Wallet

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Hi all! This is my first instructable. Hope it will be at use and happy to give some back to this community.
For starters, the reason i arrived at this point is that i needed a wallet that won't brake the moment i bought it. Here in Romania we have poor quality merchandise for that is generly asked for and the quallity products are waaaay far out of reach for average person income ...
Plus i love the sensation that making something of your own hands gives you.
I found you guys, looked into some ideeas, put a simple pattern togever, made a wallet for myself,
My fellow workers liked it, made some for them with a price that covers the investment, they are also all my friends(firemen cooworkers all are) so the price was symbolic.
I got enough experience and perfected a patern that i hope you like and enjoy.

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Step 1: Cutting the Pieces

The wallet's face it's made if thick, hard leather and measures 9,5/25 centimeters. The inside piece is softer, thinner leather measuring 9/23,5 cm and serves as as base for the pockets.
The three pockets are 6/10 cm - the two that comes underneath, and 5,5/10 cm the one that comes on top. I've cut all three of them using the same pattern built so it serves this way. The rectangle made of brown thin leather measures 9/10 cm and serves as a pocket beneath the card slots.
The id card pocket it's made of two rectangle frames glued to both sides of a transparent plastic film that i took from an old wallet and measures 9cm/11cm, frame widith 1,5 cm.

Step 2: Glueing and Sewing

I used something that could translate to rubberglue for this stage, it's a glue used for glueing shoes, natural and sintetic leather.
Mark the place on the 9 by 10 centimeters piece where the card slot pieces should fit and spread some glue on both sides(that's how my glue works) ,see the pictures.
Do rhe same with the id 'window' piece, glue it to the inside big piece.
First sew only one side of the card slots piece, the interior one. Do the same with the upper side of the id card window. I used rhin leather thread, the same kind used in leather jackets, purses... . Now see that the tehnique i use for sewing is the one that came in handy for me, being similar to two needles tehnique but slightly different. I sew till the end of the piece cameing back to lock the threads with a knott and using a lighter to seal and conceal.
Had to improvise with a fork for traceing the distance there. I made the holes 5 milimeters apart, my marking weel leaving a 2,5 mm print , so i just skiped one and punch the whole, skiped one again and ...... so on.
Next i glued the piece with the card slots to the main inside piece, leaving the inside so it formes a pocket. Now i sewed the upper part of this piece just the same as i did ti the id card window.
Finaly for this step, i glued the face of the wallet to the inside part and after doing all that glueing and sewing, it starts to take shape snd i love it.
Careful when you glue those two parts togever to mark the place where they join and put glue only in that area. Glue carefuly and you should come too a result similar with the last three pictures, the lower middle part of the face piece should form a loop, this helps in rhe functionality of the wallet.
Still a bit to go. Stay with me.

Step 3: Ornamental Sewing to the Face of the Wallet, Optional

I did this because i think it ads visual value to the item and to be honest i grew found of this sewing pattern while patching my first wallet's face wich picture i will try to post here.(those are my first proud stiches that hold togever a few pieces of leather for a few months now)
Soo, i did the marking, the punching an the sewing as seein explicitly in the pictures.

Step 4: Sewing - the Final Stage

Because the thread i used for this sewing stage is waxed thread 1,2 or 1,3 mm thick i thought it will be easier to punch the sewing holes with the 2 mm punching tool. Of course i marked the leather before punching. It helped me a lot even if i did'tanage to stick to the pattern, meaning the distance between the holes may vary a little . But, that's the way handcrafting works and that i belive it is the beauty of it: uniqe products, with unique, different, small features.
You see how i made the sewing in three separate stages so i didn't end up with tangled thread and lose my mind. First i sewed the two 'L' shaped laterals in the same matter as i did with the inside sewing, but beeing careful when coming back with the thread to folow a pattern so it looks neat and oganized. You can se that in the pictures, sew under the existing stich and next on top of it, under and on top, that makes a slightly diagonal pattern.
Makeing the last straight sew line that bonds the two 'L' shapes togever i have crosed over one stich on each side thought that will give strenght to the whole piece. Again endingvte sewing witn a conceal knot and a little flame sealing it.

Step 5: The Finishing

After all that cutting, glueing and stiching.... here commes more cutting....
Kidding, just cut the exces edges, sand them a bit, and finaly treat those edges with some glicerine of any sort( i had liquid one witch i bought a year ago or so as some sort of treatment for my infant- didn't need it then though). I rubbet that edges with a wodden cilinder wich i had in reach.
Voila the final piece!
Making this instructable seemed at least as hard as makeig the wallet itself so ... If any foggy info don't hesitate to put a question mark.
Happy crafting everybody!

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    6 weeks ago on Step 5

    Well done , very nice looking wallet, you should be proud of your work.

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    Great looking wallet. I light the stitching design.

    Daniel Claudiu
    Daniel Claudiu

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks! Can't wait for someone to say 'i did this'.