Leather Juggling Balls




Introduction: Leather Juggling Balls

Learning to juggle with round balls can be a challenge because if you drop them, they tend to roll away. These leather juggling balls won't roll away on you because they are filled with bird seed. They are a nice size and weight and are ideal for beginners and experts too.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

-PDF pattern (provided in this instructable)

-Leather scraps



-Nail and pins


-Wood block


-Bird seed

Step 2: Cut Out Pieces and Punch Holes

Download the provided PDF pattern and cut out the leather pieces and transfer the marks to the pieces. You will need 2 pieces per 1 ball.

Fold the leather piece in half, with the side with the marks face-up. Pin the folded piece to a wooden block. Using a nail and hammer, punch holes in the leather where the marks are. When you unfold the leather, the holes should go through to the other side as well.

Step 3: Sew Pieces Together

Make a knot, or if you are using a nylon string, you can melt the end into a ball. Sew the convex end to the concave middle of the other piece (it should look something like a "T"). Sew downwards through the outside hole and up through the inside hole of the same piece. Then sew down through the outside hole of the second piece and up through the inside hole of the same piece. It should be kinda like a zig-zag.

Continue sewing until you get to about an inch left to go. This will be the opening you use to fill the ball with bird seed.

Step 4: Fill With Bird Seed

Scoop or pour the bird seed into the opening you left. The less full of bird seed the ball is, the less it will roll. Continue to sew-up the ball. To finish, make a knot or melt the string into a ball and stuff it in.

Step 5: Juggle!

Go ahead and try them out!

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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nicely Done! I may have to try this soon, my juggling balls have seen better days. Thank you


    6 years ago

    I had never considered that learning with standard balls could be frustrating! Filling them with seed is genius. :) they look really nice too!