Leather Knife Sheath

Introduction: Leather Knife Sheath

My attempt at leather crafting. This is the second knife sheath I have made. First was for a BUCK 119E knife and this one which is for a Camillus Titanium knife. Here is a link to my 3 part video of making this knife sheath, this is Part 1 of the videos.

Here is Part 2 of the video.

Here is Part 3...the final video



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    Wow, this is a fantastic looking sheath. Very well done.

    Do you happen to have photos of any of the process involved to make it? If you did, those would be great to include, and really fun to see. That would also help you out in the leather contest. The more tips, instructions, etc., the better ;)

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    I don't have still pictures but do have a 3 part video on YouTube. Here is Part 1 of the videos: https://youtu.be/ey7gZXOxNCU

    Oh, nice!

    If you wanted to embed the video into a step, that can often help get clicks on it. It's pretty simple - just follow the prompts on the editor page. Links are just fine though. Cheers! :)