Leather Knuckle Rings



Introduction: Leather Knuckle Rings

-.5 mm leather cording, see chart below for length
- 2 tube crimp beads, #4 size
- 3 spacer beads or alphabet beads

- Chain nose pliers
- Wire cutters or scissors

Sizing chart
for .5 or 1.0 mm leather only
approximate, size your ring as you work
ring size                       leather length
6                                              4 1/2 inches
5 1/2                                        4 1/4 inches                                        
5                                              4 inches
4                                              3 3/4 inches
3 1/2                                        3 1/2 inches
3                                              3 1/4 inches

Generally, you will need to adjust the leather by 1/4 inch increments per size.

The leather will stretch, so it's better to make it too tight than too loose.

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Step 1: Thread Beads Onto Leather

Fit beads onto the ring in the following order: tube crimp, small spacer bead, large spacer bead, small spacer bead, tube crimp.

Step 2: Adjust Leather Into Ring

Center beads on leather length, make sure ends are even. Loop ends of leather around and fit into the tube crimp from the reverse side. 

Step 3: Secure Crimps

Using your chain nose pliers, flatten the tube crimp to hold the leather. Repeat on the other side.  If you can only get one end to stay in the tube crimp, it is okay to flatten the first side and then place the leather end in the second side before flattening it.

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