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This Latticed Leather Plant Hanger is definitely a low effort high reward project. It's super easy to make, the end result is pretty impressive and the process doesn't require a lot of specialty leather tools.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

you'll need:

  • a piece of leather able to accommodate the diameter of your plant pot. In my case I used a piece of 4-5 oz leather about 9 inches by 13 inches. Mine was a leftover double shoulder piece from Tandy.
  • leather hole punches + wooden mallet. You can also use a rotary hole punch. I just happened to have the punches + mallet on hand.
  • Board for punching/cutting
  • any ruler
  • leather latigo lace - for the hanging. you can substitute with cording or anything else you like
  • compass drawing tool
  • box cutter

I left my leather natural, if you want to dye yours this is an excellent instructable on dying leather.

Step 2: Make the Template

This is a really easy and adjustable pattern, so easy that rather than making the pattern then printing it out and tracing it I just drew on the fuzzy size of the leather with my compass. The basic idea is to not completely cut out circles so the one piece of leather stays connected with each ring.

  • draw a circle of four and quarter inches in radius with the compass.
  • using a ruler, make notches every half an inch.
  • draw with compass the cut lines for every ring.

Step 3: Punching & Cutting

Using the smaller hole punch (mine was 1/16"), punch out the ends of your cuts on your template. This does two things:

  1. makes the leather less likely to rip from the cut lines. This is important as the leather hanger is weight bearing.
  2. simply makes it easier to cut the leather with the box cutter

After the holes are punched out, cut the leather in accordance with your template.

Step 4: Add Leather Lace

  • using a bigger hole punch (mine was 1/4"), make four holes on the last leather ring
  • cut two equal lengths pieces of leather lace
  • loop the ends of the laces through the four large holes, tie a knot beneath

Step 5: Place Pot and Enjoy!

Some variations to consider:

  • changing the width of each ring.
  • perfectly wet form the leather on the bottom to the planter
  • making the whole thing bigger and using a fibonacci sequence instead of circular rings.
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5 Discussions


2 years ago

I have been looking for a way to hang a plant in my window. This is so much more interesting than the store bought ones!


2 years ago

Great idia!


2 years ago

This is so lovely and beautiful! thanks for sharing... Hanging plants were a huge thing in my family growing up so projects like this are always a delight for me to come across. Keep up the good work :D


2 years ago

Simple yet good looking, just great!


2 years ago

Fantastic! This is an excellent project for the beginning leatherworker. Love it.