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Introduction: Leather Polish

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This is a make-your-own leather polish tutorial.



Step 1: RE: Ingredients and Utensils/Leather Polish

Hello Again,

You can use a full list of ideas or these things will do just fine.

1. Ingredients
A. Beeswax
B. Carnauba Wax
C. Gum Arabic
D. Oil
I. Safflower
II. Olive

2. Utensils
A. Measuring Cup (For the Experienced)
B. Double Boiler
C. Mixing Spoon/Utensil
D. Tins

3. Stove Top
A. Gas
B. Electric (Better b/c of the highly flammable applications)



Step 2: RE: Chunking the Ingredients Into the Pot

Hello Everyone,

This is where we will find out how to make leather polish that shines!

1. Add water to your double boiler.
2. Turn on the heat (Medium Heat will due just fine).
3. Put the top pot on your double boiler.
4. Add waxes, oil and Gum Arabic.
5. Let the concoction melt away.
6. Once melted, add to tins.

This is a simple way and a surefire way to get your boots, belts and leather goods shinny and "sparkling."

If you have any questions, please contact me.



Step 3: RE: Measuring Versus Making It "Your Polish"

Hello Everyone,

In the last step, we briefly went over the method of making leather polish. Beeswax and Carnauba Wax work great. Gum Arabic will be awesome for the shinning quality. The oil will be used to act as a spreadable part to the mix.

Um...we are supposed to use a measuring cup. I almost forgot. How much oil versus wax should be used? How much Gum Arabic should be used? Should I use a lot of Gum Arabic?

Please research these ingredients first. More wax compared to less wax is better, esp. when you are using oils.

I usually add about a bottom full of my oil to the double boiler. I usually add about a "two-handfuls" of each wax, e.g. two-handfuls of beeswax and two-handfuls of carnauba wax. I usually sprinkle about two tablespoons of Gum Arabic in the mixture of wax and oil.

This usually only makes about four to five tins full. If you are wanting to make it "your polish," add what you desire when you desire and apply "trial and error!"



Step 4: RE: Application and Finalizing/Leather Polish!

Hello and Goodbye,

First, apply your cleaning utensils to the leather. Secondly, apply the leather polish (a lot or a little). Third but not least, buff w/ a horse hair brush to see the shine.



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2 Discussions


6 years ago on Introduction

Okay...Okay. As usual, I added too little Safflower Oil. I need to reconstitute my formula. The "Bottom-Full" of oil that was recommended is not what actually needs to transpire for this recipe to work. More oil is better. "More Oil" basically means that instead of a "bottom-full," you will need double that (for that amount that I used).


6 years ago on Introduction

Okay...I pretended like I knew a lot and basically knew nothing. I will tell you how and why. I listened to a full year of research (books, articles and ideas). I played by trial and error. I situated ingredients and still ended up w/ a less-than-accurate formula. Oh well is how I will chalk this one up. I am about to test it for the second time, i.e. to make sure it is not garbage. Please stand by. I will get back to you and this post soon, e.g. w/ the correct recipe (if needed).