Leather Recliner Mod - Computer Chair




Introduction: Leather Recliner Mod - Computer Chair

I started this project as a way to do a number of things
- save some space in my living room by removing a (junk collecting) table
- get better access to and use out of my touchscreen
- get better access and control of my tablet and keyboard
- play games and 3D model/draft, write and watch movies in comfort.

Step 1 - The mod is fairly simple though it took a few tries to get it right. I started with a leather recliner and footstool set which was given to me new about 7 years ago and is seeing its age, but is terribly comfortable.

Step 2 - I built up a frame using about $50 worth of 3/4" threaded steel tubing (gas line from hardware store). Some floor plates, elbows, tees and close couples were all that were required really. pretty self explanatory in the pictures. I had tried an attempt with 1.5" ABS plumbing and it was completely unstable so I scrapped that idea pretty quickly.

Step 3 - I used a hobby CNC I have to cut out a piece of UHMW to mount the frame to the chair and cut out the table from a piece of maple stock.

note: I happen to have a hobby CNC machine that I built as another (not instructabled) project but other than for the simplicity of running exact tool paths and having fun, it wasn't necessary. regular power tools and measurement would have sufficed.

Step 3 - I purchased an Ergotron dual stacking monitor arm kit that came with a VESA mount laptop tray. I purchased an additional second tray and an extension arm as well. All tolled, probably about $400.00 CAN is what the kit cost but for the time and effort and the look, I couldn't get any better!

Step 4 - With some 3/4" aluminum angle pieces, I made a set of brackets to mount the two laptop trays over each other and secured them to the lower tier of the Ergotron mount. This allows the tablet to be located permanently on my station with very easy access to my keyboard.

Step 5 - Assembly.

5a. With the frame plate (the UHMW piece) bolted to the recliner support arm with 4 carriage bolts, I bolted the frame to the chair and screwed on the wooden table. the bolts for the frame to UHMW were through-and-through with machine nuts on the backside.

5b. The Ergotron unit was then secured to the table after a hole was drilled in the appropriate location for the securing bolt. 

Step 6 - I mounted the touchscreen monitor on the top tier of the mount with the appropriate screws and attached the keyboard and tablet to their trays with adhesive Velcro strips. An LED strip light was added to the underside of the tablet (top layer) to illuminate the keyboard (not shown but very nice!).

Step 7 - I tethered the chair to the computer and online UPS with a power bar, HDMI cable and USB extension cables. A powered USB hub collects most of the USB connections that aren't required to be brought back to the computer directly (the monitor was odd that way).

Step 8 - I now relax and enjoy! Speakers and custom mounts for them (5.1 surround of course) will come eventually.

Cost? around $500.00 for all of the modding parts and hardware not already owned.

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    4 Discussions


    19 days ago

    Wondering if you still use this or how long it held up? I'm looking at creating something similar to elevate my legs, but understand sturdiness is a large problem area, as I've already seen with a cheap monitor mount.. My setup is a bit more complex as I (ideally) would have 2 mice/keyboards, and at least 4 monitors.. Thanks for any ideas/input you may have.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I really could have used your ides a few years ago. Nice work.
    I made my own creation from a laptop stand and pipes.
    Not as sturdy or good looking as yours, but it only cost me about $60.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I saw this 8 years ago. It was called the microsphere. It went kaput with the tech bust....


    8 years ago on Introduction

    That is a very nice setup that you have there (Good Work) I would love to have something like this but I'm afraid that I would never leave the computer if I did.
    Anyway again good work and great job.
    I wish you much enjoyment of your creation.