Leather Scrap Project - Easy Key Fob




Introduction: Leather Scrap Project - Easy Key Fob

I have similar keys in my keyring. Most of is used rarely. Always thinking which key is the right one...so i decided to make own key fobs for these keys. Here is one version...recycled leather of course.


- Ruler

- Knife

- hole punch

- eyelet setting tool

- pliers


- Leather

- eyelet

- corner protectors

Step 1: Cut and Set Corner Protectors

Take a ruler and knife. Decide shape and dimension before you cut. I set my ruler on the leather and made cuts both side of the ruler. After that i straighten both ends.

Set corner protectors and pinch with pliers.

Step 2: Punch Hole and Set Eyelet

First measure diameter of the eyelet and choose hole punch after that. Eyelet in the picture is 8 mm and hole is 8 mm so eyelet fits tight. For permanent installation you have to you eyelet setting tool

Last but not least step is keyring and the key.

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