Leather Strop




Introduction: Leather Strop

I've always been interested in primitive technology and outdoor skills. Actually anything really ...

I chose this project due to its simplicity and easy difficulty level. A leather strop is used to hone a blade after the use of a sharpening stone. The leather allows curves of a knife to be sharpened easily. You can use some sort of honing compound or I heard you can use whitening toothpaste (which I'll be trying because that's what I have)

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
A piece of leather preferably a long piece like a belt.
A block of wood I'm using a scrap wooden block I already had
Some sort of adhesive like epoxy but I didn't have any so I used Liquid Nails
A knife to hone
Sanding Paper I only have 220 grit sand paper

Step 2: Wooden Block Prep

I just sanded the block just so it's soft and smooth. You could probably add a stain or oil to make it look nice. I prefer mine not to be so glamorous since it is my first one.

Step 3: Glueing Down the Belt

I glued down the leather belt in the middle which was a mistake. If the wooden block is bigger than the leather glue down near the edge. The wood will block the knife from sharpening at the bottom near the handle. Anyways I put some weight on top and waited for half an hour.

Step 4: Testing the Strop

As my knife I'm using a Morakniv Companion. I applied the whitening toothpaste to the belt and used the same strokes you would use on a sharpening stone.

Step 5: Conclusion

Your knife should be sharp now. Just wash off the toothpaste with water and you're good to go. This was fun and I'll be making another project soon. I hope my first instructable wasn't so bad.



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    10 Discussions

    Instead of using toothpaste use rubbing compound from an auto body shop, or Wally Mart. It comes in a more aggressive formula (use that first) and a polishing grade to make your knife a razor. You might want to make two strops so that you don’t get the more aggressive grit on the polishing strop.

    When stropping, be sure to lead with the BACK of the knife, and do not put any real pressure on the blade. the goal of stropping is to gently take off the fine wire that builds up when sharpening with sandpaper or stones so the edge is sharp, but durable.

    have u tried the toothpaste? ive heard that if you can feel the grit in it its good to go what do you think?

    Nice project, I had a strop that I used for my shaving razor but I moved and lost it during the move. I just had one question, would it be better if you used a piece of leather that didn't have the holes?

    Nice project!

    Now i don't have a sharpening stone so i don't know if this is of any use for me, but i might try it anyways since i have some spare leather at home :p

    2 replies

    I mean you could get away with another sharpening source! Thanks for commenting!

    Well i just found a grinding stone in my dad's basement lol

    Hope this was enjoyable!