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Introduction: Leather Book Cover: Tree Design

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Here is a video showing the process of making an all leather book cover.  Measurements and a pattern were established by measuring front of book from top to bottom then adding 12mm.  Second measurement was taken measuring from front cover edge around the spine to back cover edge then adding 14mm.  The rest can be seen in the video

 If I win the epilog laser it would take on a prominent roll in my leather shop.  A laser cutter could be put to good use to cut out more intricate patterns and it would also be used as an engraver for the detailed drawings I burn onto my creations( Pyrography)

In the video you'll see step by step cutting, gluing and sewing of the design and completion of the cover.

Leather for outside
Suede for inside flaps
Leather glue
Nylon thread-heavy duty
Ribbon-Book mark

Utility knife
Straight edge
Scratch awl
Sewing Machine

Music by: Lister and the Cat (my Band!)
Song: Prosthetic Heart

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    Hi there, umm I believe it is a Juki DNU-1541. Great machine for flat work, not so great for bulky bags. I swapped out the motor for a servo motor to be able to adjust the speed. Expensive machine though.