Leather Zombie Mask

Introduction: Leather Zombie Mask

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This is something very simple that can be made in a couple of hours for those who are some what skilled or about 2 days for someone just starting. I included the basic pattern the rest will have to be done by hand or any style you want, but i will show you how to create the ripped flesh pattern that i have used in other instructable. Please enjoy and ask any question that you may have.

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Step 1: Tracing the Pattern

Print out the basic pattern I included  then start to draw basic  pattern. Look at picture to for example. Wet the leather then put the paper ( card stock) or tracing paper. then using a tracer tool Imprint the pattern on the leather before it drys.

Step 2: Cut

When cutting make sure to be careful and steady as you cut. Always cut away from the inside. 

Step 3: Craving

Using a swivel knife follow the lines you traced as close as you can, remember to always go towards your self when carving. Now with short strokes make little lines in the parts that aren't flesh but muscle. picture 2 for example

Step 4: Bevel in the Details

im using a smooth bevel tool and light taps of a leather working hammer. You have to figure out the shadows for everything, but a lot of it cane be seen in the pictures there. Then I tap an outline with a beveler buy lightly going around with my hammer and doing that to the edges. The images will really help if you really look at them. Damping when needed.

Step 5: Coloring.

Make sure to test your dyes out on a test piece of leather to make sure you have the color you want. U can use different colors with the flesh and muscle but I preferred the whole thing to be green I then took a shop rag and buffed the dyed leather.

Step 6: Gluing

You can rivet done the leather tab by  tab, but I just super glued it. Glue the middle on then arch the mask then slowly glue in what you need to 

Step 7: Add Holes

I placed to holes about half an inch away from each other with a hole punch the size of my elastic string.

Step 8: Finishing

I spray a coat of shellac on to the leather and let it dry then i put my elastic string in and bam im done and wearing the mask.

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