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Introduction: Leather Eyeglasses Case (may Be Laser Cut)

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Hi Folks!

Even if summer begins to fade out (in the Northern hemisphere), days remain shiny, at east in France! So I just bought a new pair of sunglasses, since my previous ones had too many scratches. Here's the why of this Instructable: I needed a case so that they don't get too many scratches before the end of nice days...

For those who don't have a pair of glasses yet, they still can make some by following one of my previous InstructablesLaser cut foldable wooden glasses.

The needed materials:
  • some leather (in my case:  20x30cm (about 8"x12") but I realized that it was a little bit too narrow and my case is somehow too tight for my glasses...
  • 1.5 meter (60") of leather cord, diameter: 2mm (5/64") 
  • a laser cutter (or anything that can cut leather ;-)
  • a knife (optional if you have access to a laser cutter)
  • a (trouser) button
  • a leather hole punch tool (optional if you have access to a laser cutter)
  • some leather balm (mine is Renapur but there may be other good brands! ;-)

  1. cut the leather according to the attached files - the easiest may be the laser cutter solution but some of you may not have (access to) a laser cutter...
  2. tie a knot with the leather cord
  3. put the cord in the holes. Begin at the bottom, you'll see an asymetry in the holes, it's voluntary for marking the first hole (see second picture)
  4. tie a finishing knot 
  5. cut the cord
  6. tie the button
  7. look where you need to cut the corresponding hole for the button
  8. cut it
  9. you can optionally punch 2 holes at the ends of the cut
  10. you can finish your case with the leather balm

That's it! Enjoy.

As usual, I design it plain, just fab it custom! Don't hesitate to customize it, and leave a picture in the comments below, please!

You can also comment about the design options that I didn't see, since I'm not used to work with leather...

I'll answer to any comment, since I sincerely appreciate them so much!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi very nice job, compliments.
    I would like to make a customized pochette and put it on my website, also mentioning your name and link if you have.
    Would you contact me at lori.venturi@gmail.com


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks StuffStephMakes,
    But stop such nice words, you make me blush :-)

    The Steph Show
    The Steph Show

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    well, if you posted some things I didn't like then I would turn down the kindness a notch! ;)

    Awesome! Love the simple design! So easy to put it all together once it's cut out :)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Penolopy,
    Thanks for your kind words: you exactly pointed out what I was trying to achieve!!!
    I am filled with comfort :-)