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Introduction: Leather Tablet Case

A unike case for tablets or e-readers with a touch of steampunk.

Things you'll need:

-Tablet or e-reader to put into it and for the meassurements
-piece of soft leather (the piece I have is normally used for furniture, one side is grain the other is sued)
-good sewing machine
-some gear wheels or other decorations
-sewing material: needle, strong pins, thread, scissors and so on.

Step 1: Measurements

Take the measurements of your device.
I have a Samsung Galaxy tab S 8.4. I took the measurements with the cover so it will fit in both ways and they were 21.5cm x 13.0cm x 1.2 cm. Add some extra centimeters so it fits in easily and for the seam allowance. The grey parts on the pattern will be the folded seam.

Step 2: Cutting the Pieces

Make some templates of the pieces with paper. With them you can check again if the size fits your device.
Put your templates on the leather, mark the outlines and cut out the pieces.

Step 3: Sew on the Gear Wheeles

Sew on the gear wheeles or whatever you like on the application piece. Sew it on the back side of the leather to have the different structures on the front of the case.

Step 4: Sew the Seams

Fold a 2 cm seam on both ends of the main piece and fix it with some pins.
Fold a 3 cm seam on one end of the pocket piece and fix it too.
On the other end of the pocket piece you put the application piece. It has a margin of 2 cm on each side. This margin will make it a less hard to sew the corners in the end.

Now sew all the seams. If you have a blind seam foot it's much easier to keep the same distance. Sew around the application piece the same way. You don't need to sew the bottom, as ths side will be sewed together, when the pocket is sewed on the main piece.

Step 5: Sew on the Pocket

Put the pocket piece on the front of the main piece an fix the sides with some pins. The botton of the pocket piece has to be 23cm from the top of the main piece.
Sew on the pocket on the sides. You will get a loose sleeve.

Step 6: Sew the Case Together

Fold the main piece just below the bottom of the pocket in half and fix it with pins on bothsides. Sew from the bottom corner of the pocket, along the sides and the flap to the other corner of the pocket.

Step 7: Sew the Bottom of the Pocket

Now the hardest part for your sewing machine: 5 layers of leather.
Double fold the corners of the pocket on both sides in to an S-shape. The application and the main piece will be flush. Fix it with pins and sew the last side of the pocket to the case.

Step 8: Add a Button

Cut a hole in the middle of of the seam on the flap. For the button I just glued a gear wheele on a spare button. Check the proper position of the button with the devise in the case and the flap closed. Mark the position with a pen through the hole.
Sew on the button.

Step 9: ... and You're Done.

This is my first submission on instructables. So I'm open for coments and tips.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice looking tablet case! Great first post. Keep it up!