Leatherman Bit Kit Belt Clip (3D Printed)

Introduction: Leatherman Bit Kit Belt Clip (3D Printed)

I use my leatherman all the time since it's a versatile tool. I carry
it on my belt and don't have to worry about losing it or losing space in my pockets. A friend of mine gave me the Bit kit as a gift. It's a good addition to the leatherman but after a while I stopped carrying it with me because it took up too much space in my pocket. I had the idea to create a belt clip for it and still be able to access the bits without removing it from the belt. Here is my solution :) You can wear it either on your belt or directly on your trousers. It offers you the possibility to switch bits quickly and secure them with a rubberband if you dont need them.

If you have questions or ideas how to improve it feel free to send a message.



Step 1: Material

A 3D Printer or you can ask someone to print it for you :)

Print the parts:
2x part 1 (It is designed to be a tight fit and probably has to be pressed on with a vise. If yours are too loose you could secure the with some glue.)

1x part 2

Other required material:

-Leatherman Bit Kit


-3.5 mm drillbit

-Metall saw


-Small piece of wire

-3x 25 mm long nails or pins with a diameter of 3mm (lenght without head)

-Vise to press parts together

Step 2:

Cutt the Nails to length (25mm). Drill out one of the square side pieces. That way it is easier to push them to the nail heads (Note: don't drill it out if you are using pins instead of nails) Insert the nails in the first 3d Prined part and push them to the nail heads in.

Step 3:

Drill with the 3.5 mm drillbit through the top whole in the belt clip so that anail is able to turn freely. Push the assembly through the Bit Kit and the belt clip so the bits are facing outwards like shown in the pictures.

Step 4:

Push the second part of part one over the nails so that it's flush. It's
very important, that the Bit Kit has enough space to swivel freely.

Step 5: (optional)

To stop your clip from shacking you can cut a piece of thinwire and
fold it in a v shape. Place the rubberband in the middle and pull it with the help of a spare piece of wire from the side without a sphere to the one with a sphere. the piece of wire prevents the rubberband from slipping trough. Now you are able to wrap it arround the Bit kit and hook on to the sphere.

Step 6: Congratulations You Now Have a Belt Clip for Your Leatherman Bit Kit

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    That looks great! I'm glad you were able to come up with a way to carry them around again :)