Leatherman Tidal Wave

Hi instuctables,

I just wanted to show my new addition to my old leatherman wave. I recently added a lanyard to clip on my belt loop or just hang over since my holster gets in the way. I saw a few options on the site but I made this one as an easy pull. I purchased 5 ft of rope from REI and a clip from Home Depot and used the instructions for a paracord bracelet.

I also made an attachment for the large flat head screw driver a year ago by using a black and decker screw driver kit from Walmart. The kit included an extension which I hammered the round tip to an oval shape so it can fit though the large flat head. I removed a few bits from the kit that I thought were unnecessary and carved (using my leatherman) a bed for the extension I just made.

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    I traced the outline of my wave that I wanted to engrave on a piece of paper then drew a few Koi fishes. Once I was satisfied with the drawing, I placed the paper on the wave with tape. I started with dotting the outline then once I had a rough image then I went to town with the engraver. I suggest taping the hinges with painters tape so metal shavings gum them up.

    I will post pics in the future if there are more interests. I'm surprised no one commented on the easy attachments!?!? Anyways hope this helps.

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