Leaves Card


Introduction: Leaves Card

About: This is my starting not my end.I will go further.

Make an uncommon leaves card

Step 1: Supplies

You need
different kinds of leaves
You can use them after drying or like I did
anti cutter
card papers
paint brushes

Step 2: Cleaning and Colouring

At first clean the leaves and colour them

Step 3: Elegant Look

Give them an elegant and natural look
Take a clean tissue and put it in the middle of the leave so that you can take the colours off from its middle

Step 4: Cutting

Cut a scuare and a ractrangle shape
and fold the ractrangle shape

Step 5: Attaching Part 1

using glue attach the ractrangle shape card with scuare shape card on its back side

Step 6: Attaching Part 2

Using glue attach the leaves one by one with the card



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    This is a great craft idea. Thank you for sharing!

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