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Introduction: Leaves Vessel 100% Organic

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Step 1: Requirements: Leaves, Twigs, Axe (Optional)

It is fun to campaign and many of us practice as a Hobby. Well, when I go on Campaign make my own plate and cup with the available resources in the Jungle, Let the Instructable begin.....

Requirement: Leaves ( while choosing a particular plant for leaves make sure you know the plant or tree very well, Sometimes leaves can be poisonous or allergic. So do your research well) Leaves should be generally big and plain surface. Ancient Indians used Banana leaf, Mahua leaves, sagvan (similar to Oak) leaves.

Twigs: Twigs are freeware in the jungle make sure they are tried hard and should be collected from a hygienic spot.

Axe: Axe is optional, if you want to give a better shape to your plates.

Once you have collected these items, half the battle is won.

Check out the video on the same How to make a vessel out of leaves

Step 2: Step 1: Join the Leaves.

Join two leaves with the help of a twigs and those two leaves with other leaves you can make a plate as big as you want.

How to make a vessel out of leaves

Step 3: Step 2: Lets Make a Cup That Can Hold Water or Gravy.

Take a leaf fold it into half and then again into half, so ideally the leaf is dived into 4 quarters, hold 3 quarters and insert the twig such that they hold 3 quarters, now you have your cup ready, well generally it won't stand but you can make it to stay using some common ideas of yours.

How to make a vessel out of leaves

Step 4: Step 3 Testify

You can clean the plate and cup with some water and then use it, The cup holds the water, also you can use them as a lid.

These leaves vessels has been used in India since ages I am pretty much sure, even it has been use in other parts of the world as well. Even Today in Hindu Temples these vessels are used as they are considered pure.

Also in many ocassions.

Checkout the video on the same. Leaves Vessel DIY

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Makjosher I am glad you tried and it did work for you, In India we organize feasts using these leaves vessel


    3 years ago

    I love the leaf cups! Totally wouldn't have expected they could actually work.