Led 3D Quilled Frame




This is a beautiful led frame is made out of quelling paper.I love doing something extraordinary with quilling papers.So I decided to give it as a frame to my best friend since she is a frame lover.She always admired quilling art and so requested me to give her as her birthday present.This looks super attractive but what is more interesting is that it is super interesting to make but it is little bit of a time consuming. After all best things take time!

Step 1: Getting the Things Ready

For making this frame I took different colors of quilling paper as you can see in the picture and their size is 3 mm.Then we need slotted quilling tool which you can see in the picture as green color stick.Then we need crimper tool,quilling mold, embellishment item,A3 size paper and glue.

Step 2: Making of the First Component (hat)

For making hat I took cream color 3 quilling strips and joined the each ends with glue and 1 long strip.Then I took crimper tool and inserted the strip inside the tool to let it pass through i.e to insert from one side and took it out from another.Then with slotted quilling tool i rolled it and stuck it as shown in the image.I did the same again but this time with 9 quilling strips and put the small roll on the top of the big roll to make it look like a hat.Then for decorating the hat i took red colored strip and placed it around the hat and also made bow out of quilling paper and stuck it on top of it.For adding more detail I put leaves and flower made out of quilling strip and stuck it on top of it.

Step 3: Making of the Second Components (leaves)

For making leaves I took quilling strips of different shades of green.I simply rolled the quilling strips one by one with slotted quilling tool and placed it inside the quilling mold.Then I stuck it and pinched it from downside to give it shape of a drop.For a single leaf i made 6-7 drops and glued it together to give it shape of a leaf.I made 4 leaves in total.

Step 4: Making of Third Component (flower)

For making first type of flower I took one dark yellow quilling strip and siply rolled it and then I took A4 size paper and cut it of a size of 2 cm width.Then with scissor I made small cuts in between and rooled it around the dark yellow quilling strip roll.Then I teased out the cuts to give it look of a flower. For making second type of flower I took dark yellow quilling strips and rolled them having big size and pinched them to give it tear drop shape.Then With white A4 size paper I cut it into 1 cm this itme and did the same procedure.I joined all the tear drop shapes to together around white roll and glued it to give it shape of a flower.For making one flower I took 8-10 tear drop shapes.Then I decided to change color of the flower that will suit the best.

Step 5: Making of the Quote Card

Just a frame would be boring so I decided to make a card and place it in the frame to remind my best friend that

( la vie est belle) i.e the life is beautiful ,no matter what circumstances you face life will still be beautiful if you choose to.So for making card I took purple color paper having length 4 by 6 inch and wrote the quote on it.

Step 6: Completing of the Frame

So I placed all the components on the A3 size paper to see how it looks.I added few more curled strips and embellishments on it just to enhance the look.Finally I bought a frame of that size that will fit properly to my design.Then I took Led strip lights and stuck it inside the border of the frame and connected it with battery.Then I placed my design on top of it and closed the frame.Hola! the frame is completed.

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