Led Cork Man




in this instructable i will be teaching you how to make a small led cork and wire man.this is a great project to do when you are board or ifyou just want a small little project to do on the week-end.It is very good because it is recycling some materials and it is only using a couple of parts which are easy to find an easy to use.

Step 1: Materials and Tools




2 leds

1 3v battery

Step 2: Cuting Some Wire

cutt a small spike at one end of the wire to stick into the cork.

Step 3: 90 Degree Bend

stabb the wire into the cork and make a 90 degree bend.

Step 4: Shape

bend into a small stick man as shown in the picture above and then stick the other end into the head/cork.

Step 5: Head

pull the head of the body. mark the eyes

Step 6: Middle Head Hole

drill a hole throught the middle up the the head till you reach the eye markings.

Step 7: Drill the Eyes

drill the eys at a high angle toward the bottom of the head untill you reach the hole in the middle of the head.

Step 8: Wiring Leds and Finalproduct

push the leds into the eye sockets and wire them up to a power supply after glueing the body back on to the cork.



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