Led Glass Nightlight With Brightness Control (v1.0)




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Today i saw a broken Glass in my store room and i thought to use it to make a glowing glass nightlight. Some components were with me already so it was easy to make this nightlight.

Actually this can also be a led whiteboard which will glow highlighter ink like i wrote my name on Glass and it's Glowing at night ( little at day)

Simple and easy Cool Project which only needs 4 Components.

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Step 1: Parts

Parts Needed :-

(1) Small Cardboard Box
(2) 3 Led's (I Used 1 part of led strip which contains 3 Smd Leds)
(3) 5k or 10k Potentiometer ( and it's Knob)
(4) Switch
(5) A Small Transparent/Translucent Glass

Tools Needed :-

(1) A Paper Cutter (To cut Cardboard)
(2) Hot Glue Gun
(3) Solder Iron

That's All!

Step 2: Cutting Cardboard

Cut Cardboard Acording to Picture.

Step 3: Schematic

Schematic of this Project.
A Simple and Easy Project :)

Step 4: Assembly!

Stick led strip (with tape/hot glue) to Bottom of glass with led's facing Glass Side.
Now Put Potentiometer and Switch and Connect Them According to Schematic.

Step 5: Finished Product....

Hope you Liked this Instructable.
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Step 6: Use It As Led Glowing WhiteBoard!

I wrote my Name with yellow Highlighter and it is glowing.
You can Try Dry Erasr Markers and Other colors of Highlighter too!
To remove the Ink you just have to wipe it out with a wet Tissue! Enjoying Write your Daily thoughts for your favourite ones and you can also gift it!.

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