Led Grow Light for Plants




I’m doing a bigger experiment with plants. It will be a long time project.

So first of all I designed a led module witch is stackable

Step 1: The Idea

First, I wanted to buy 2 or 3 Led grow lights, but they were too expensive or not what I needed. So I decided to build my own Led light

I designed my Idea in Sketchup 8 and with DipTrace I made the shematic and the board design.

It’s not the most complicated circuit, but I took the chance to design a PCB.

Step 2: The PCB

And here it is. A nice and practical PCB from china.

I added the gerber files, if you want to reproduce the pcb

Step 3: One Finished LED Module

And here it is. One module has:

  • 20 red led's
  • 10 blue led's
  • 10 resistors 240 Ohm

One module cost me about 5$

As calculated it takes at 12V 200mA and look at the nice pink spot :)

On the last picture you can see how easy you can stack the single led modules

Step 4: The Gardening Work

Now the gardening work.

This will be my first attempt to check if my growing light works. I use coir pellets witch provide a lot of substrate and as seed I use salad burnet herb. I took these seeds because of there size.

A small plastic Tupperware will work as a peel for my vegetables. With the addition of water, the pellets swell up. I press the earth over the seeds and put the whole thing under the light. Now I have to wait if it works or not. I also added a thermometer to check if it’s not to cold in my workshop.
Crossing fingers.

Step 5: It Works

After 7 days I had the confirmation that it works



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    4 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Where did you order the PCB ?

    Thanks for any reply


    Reply 1 year ago

    I'm doing a timelaps of the growing process. As soon as I have a result, I'll post it here.