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Hi all! my english it's not very well, so will be here some errors, sorry. If you want you can help me to correct this work. Thanks.
You can do this lamp with all white leds and colored paper or with colored leds and white paper.

Good work

MATERIALS for the structure

filo di ferro - iron wire 15 meter long - 2 mm diameter

carta riso bianca / carta velina - white rice paper / flimsy (?)

vinavil o simile - vinavil or similar

vernice nera - black paint/enamel

alcool/petrolio per sgrassare - alcohol/benzyl alcohol to degrease iron

stagno per saldare - soldering tin


striscie led 3528/5050 rosse, verdi, blu, gialle, ... - led stripes 3528/5050 red, green, blue, yellow...

vassoio polistirolo (o altro) - polystyrene tray or other support

rame isolato - insulated copper (?)

rame smaltato - enamelled copper wire

alimentatore 12 volt 1/2/3 ampere - power supply 12 volt, 1/2/3 ampere

stagno per saldare - soldering tin


incudine - anvil

martello - hammer

taglierino - cutter

pennello - brush

forbici - earwigs

tronchese - nippers

lima - file

saldatore - welder



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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks very much to you! The soundtrack it's my music, some years ago.

    I'll share some other lamps in the next time, you can see someone here:

    Pino Silvestre