Led Matrix Display Row Column Scanning Using Arduino




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Intro: Led Matrix Display Row Column Scanning Using Arduino

We are very found of Led dot matrix displays. I have made a Led matrix but using different techniques for driving it.

I tried to make it similar to a standard Television display. i have used the same techniques used in television for Row column scanning.

This is my First Inscrutable as i,m newbie. so please forgive me if i make any mistakes.

Step 1: Components Needed

Components required:

1. Arduino nano X 1

2. Red led X 64

3. Zero PCB(Prototyping PCB board) X 1

4. connecting Wires

5. Soldering Iron and materials

Step 2: Making Led Matrix

I assume here that you already know the basics of electronics and led matrix.

we have to create a 8x8 led matrix. all the Anodes will be ROW and cathodes will be Column.

that means all the anodes of LEDs in a row will be common and same apply for cathodes(Column).

Finally we will get 8 column and 8 row.

Step 3: Connect Arduino Nano to LED Matrix

connect digital pins 2-9 to column 1-8 in sequence. and analog pins A0-A5 to row 1-6, digital pins 12-13 to row 7-8.

i don't use digital pins 12-13 so my matrix is working in 8x6 mode.

Step 4: The Firmware

Programming the Arduino: the Firmware

i have scanned the matrix using single pixel at a time just like T.V

my idea behind that was to make a display which can be driven by standard RGB signals. i will Try it in future with Monochrome display and then RGB directly driven by available video signals using arduino as display driver.



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