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Introduction: Led Personal Sign

About: I like Making computer art. I see beauty in junk. Where others see a sewing table I see a charging station. People saw old motherboards, I made a Led lamp. I like creating. Hope you enjoy my creations

I recently made a entry coat rack for my kids and I wanted them to have the own each personal section.

So I made them each a personal sign. This one is for my son. Its made out of old remote circuit boards and insulation foam and left over led light from other projects

You will need.

1: Something for the name (insulation foam)

2: Razor blade or Dremel engraver

(I used dremel to drill out name cause foam was delicate)

3:Hot Glue gun

4: Led lights

5: 12v Cord

6:(Optional) Switch

Step 1: Get Your Scraps

This was an extra piece of insulation foam and some old remotes I started with

I measured how big I wanted the sign on foam and worked around it

Step 2: Measure Letter

It was an odd measurement, So I made sure I had space on each side, then measured and divided by the number of letters in his name and came up with the sizes of the letters.

Make sure you put some space between each letter :)

Step 3: Drawn the Name Stencil

After I had a space for each letter I drew the letter where it would not fall out when I cut it.

Step 4:

I used a dremel here to cut it. You can use a razorblade to be faster, but I wanted to make sure I didn't tear or break it

I doubt alot of people would used insulation foam or this project, but I was using scraps from other projects

Step 5: Paint the Foam

As seen here I painted the foam.

Its just some acrylic black. This is the point where you can do other details in the name.

Step 6: Add the Circuit Boards

I added the remote circuit boards to the back and hot glue them in.

Make sure to use a low temp on foam, as to high temps will melt the foam

Let dry while you work on the back

Step 7: Get a Circuit Bard

I had a circuit board from a old electronic I harvested the parts off.

I used the sign to measure where to cut

I used a dremel cut off wheel to cut it

Then I added scrap wood for the frame and boxed it in with circuit boards for the sides

Step 8: Add Lights

I just slapped some random strip of led light I had from another project. I has a sticky back.

These are easy, you can make it battery power or ac for a plug

Step 9: Finished Product

Now you have your finished product

This didn't cost anything for me.

I guess if I broke it down for what it would cost, It would be about $3

Thanks for looking at my instructable

Please leave a comment or question thanks!

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