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Introduction: Led Pocket Watch, a Geeky One

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Hi all,I was always fascinated about LED watches.

And one day I had the idea to build me a Led Pocket Watch.

First, I wanted to build the electronic on my own, but I thought that a cheap led wristband watch will do the job.

The result is a Pocket Watch for Time Travelers with a Geek factor of 100%

Videolink to the Led Pocket Watch

Step 1: Preparing the Watches

You need:

1 Cheap 8€ Pocket Watch (outside diametre +-48mm inside 42,5mm)

I used this one (Amazon)

1 Cheap 8€ Led Watch (outside 40 millimeters diameter)

I used this one (Aliexpress.com)

First of all, take them apart. Use a small cutting disc to cut all the sticking out parts. Do not forget to protect the glass of the watch.

Remove the upper Button and drill a hole of 1,5mm in it. The second Button is still needed. On the Pocket Watch remove the button which opens the cover and cut the part that was connected to the watch. Then clue it on the spring plate with epoxy glue. Drill a small hole in the body to access the second button for the settings of the watch. And again, protect the glass of the watch

Step 2: Modify the Electronic.

First of all we need a new switch to power the watch on. I used a small hard wire and soldered a wire on it. Isolate all with shrink tubing. Then glue the wire with epoxy glue inside the watch body. Another wire goes to the spring plate as ground.

Now place the body of the led watch inside the body of the pocket watch. Solder the wires to power on button of the led watch. I took half of this spring plate away.

Now you need to put the electronics back in place. And that's it.

Step 3: Set and Read the Time

To go to the set mode, take a paper clip and push the button by the hole. To read the time I put the picture to explain.

The result is 06:54 AM.

Have a nice day, hope you enjoyed.

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Anybody else think dead ringer when they see this?

every time I see someone close a pocket watch like this my eyes start bledding. You need to press that damn button before closing the lid, otherwise it will break very fast and will not stay closed anymore.


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2 years ago


Wasting peoples time can't work with out digital circuit

links to parts not working, but the watch looks INCREDIBLE! Great job!

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Hi, now the links should work.

That's pretty cool!

Can you give us a link to your watches ,please?

Where to buy? And what are the dimensions?

Great Instructable.

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I updated the description. I bought these watches and I hoped it will work.

I think it will work with other Pocket Watches too, but I think a little trial and error is required until the correct position is found.

Don't tell me Instructables is starting to be overrun by spambots.

really man, really? advertising in the comments?