Led Project

Introduction: Led Project

so now what do you want ? you want to write your name or do you want to write Open or close with Led ,

Now you can maket So what are you waiting for? Get those LEDs out and heat up your soldering iron because we are about to make ......

Step 1: Getting All the Right Things

So you will need the basic set of tools for this project : a soldering iron, some solder wire, a cutter, a needle nosed plier,some wire, wire striper, and some desoldering tools if you need them.

For the project you will: 1. 55 LEDs 2. 55 resistors( The value is determent by the type of LEDs, in my case 220 ohm 0.25 watts)

Step 2: Schematics

The only thing I didn't specified in the schematics is the value of the current limiting resistors because they change from each type of LEDs, so you will need to calculate them by your self.

Step 3: Boards


Eagle (Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor) is a software Printed circuit board. It includes a schema editor, Circuit board with a self-routing function, and a library editor. The software is Supplied with a series of basic component libraries.

Step 4: All Files

I have added a file of Eagle projet with the board and the schematic

Step 5: We Are Done

Congratulations you made yourself a Show leds and now you can write with leds anything you like on the fly.

Now try to play with led and a better interface.

so , now you can follow as


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