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Introduction: Led Projector

This project is about a simple light projector that  works with an engine and a led. It has an image of the earth that is projected in a plumavit ball.

- high sheen led
- 2 plastic tubes (one bigger than the other)
- magnifying glass
- lego engine
- 2 AA batteries
- earth image
- plumavit ball (you can use the wall)

Step 1: Test Step

The plumavit ball is painted white. Then is done a test  structure to project the light of the led in the ball.  

Step 2: Put the Magnifying Glass on the Tube

It is made a hole in the small tube and the magnifying glass is stuck in

Step 3: Make Work the Engine

First, the earth image is put in the part of the engine that turns. The led is twisted and positioned perpendicularly to the image. Then, it's made the cables circuit welding with the led, the engine and the AA batteries, the entire engine starts working. 

Step 4: Put the Switch

It is made a little hole in the big tube to put a switch. Then it is made a new circuit with the switch, the engine, the batteries and the led. The switch is put in the hole.  

Step 5: Cables Protection

The cables circuit is protected with a special scotch 

Step 6: Put the Circuit Inside the Tubes.

The batteries are put inside the tubes. Then the engine is stuck there. 

Step 7: Make Work the Project

The tubes are joined. The projector is turned on with the movement of the switch and to focus the image the small tube is moved.  

Step 8: Project the Image

The image is project on the plumavit ball or the wall making the effect of the earthmovement with the engine and the led.  

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    If you want people to take your 'structable seriously then please take decent photographs, it can't be that hard?