Led Strip Glow Table

Simple use for a chunk of plastic.  The glow table has a heat sink and a piece of  paper rolled and glued.  Using 12volt RGB strips, cut a 3 pack off.  Using a 9 volt 1 amp power,  twist your favorite colors together.  The paper sign was glued on using white straws at the ends. the heat sink was stripped from pc.  These lights are able to take direct track power from ho scale trains, there is also a 3 pack in this passenger car.  



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    greetings amandaghassaei,
    Thanks for all the comments. I will add details to all of the projects. Im in NYC and that happens to be the egg cartons we get from the local stores. I will need to add more detail of the wiring in most of these because it is all unfinished, I only used test clips. The RGB LEDs strips are so easy and useful I dont want to glue them into any one project. I will work on cleaning up the presentations tonight.
    Thanks again Drewwilly