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Hey Everyone! In this video I'll show you how to make your own simple inductor joule thief, in just under 10 minutes! This circuit is so simple, even those not familiar with electronics can try it out as their first project!
How is this Joule Thief different? Unlike most other joule thief circuits, this circuit uses a standard inductor. Hence there is no need to salvage a toroid and wind wire away to glory. The circuit is super simple, can easily be assembled on a breadboard, or can be soldered onto really tiny PCBs, if you want... I have made a video, explaining all you need to know about a Joule Thief, along with the circuit and more...

Step 1: Led Light Super Bright

1.Follow the schematics and solder the circuit as shown

chek diferent coils for high brightnes and low curent



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    2 years ago

    Anyone try putting a 1uf ceramic capacitor acress the battery terminals? I heard a super joule theif is 80 to 90% efficient. Also anyone try putting a voltage doubler and darlington pair in a joule thief? I just used an old 9v battery that had about 5v to run a darlington pair joule thief.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Eyeballing it from the video, I would guesstimate between 2.4 and 10uH. If I was to build it, I would look at my junkbox of coils (very well populated) and find one of about the same overall physical dimensions, and about the same guage of wire, and take it from there. My guess would be that a PC power supply would have such a coil somewhere on its PC board, or any other discarded switching power supply.


    Reply 2 years ago

    that is a good question
    without that part we cannot rebuild the circuit
    and this joule thief looks hard compaired to other ones


    2 years ago

    whats the value of the inductor?