Led Switchback Circuit




Introduction: Led Switchback Circuit

I googled this circuit the whole Internet and not found how to do it, and finally got a simple circuit, and would like to help you

Step 1: What You Will Need !!

  1. 1n4007 Diode
  2. 5 pin car relay
  3. Capacitors 6,600uf (minimum), I used 3 of 2,200 microfarad
  4. wires
  5. led drl for test
  6. soldering iron
  7. electronic skills

Step 2: Solder the Capacitors

solder the capacitor terminals in parallel, positive with positive and negative with negative like the image

Step 3: Connecting on Relay

connect the negative of the capacitor on pin 85 of relay, and the positive on pin 86

Step 4: Positive to Drl

connect the pin 87a on the positive DRL and pin 30 to the positive battery, connect the pin 85 to the negative batery too together with the capacitors like the image

Step 5: Diode

connect the 1n4007 diode on pin 86, as in the picture (the negative side of the pin 86) and connect the other end to the positive turn signal wire

Step 6: You Finished !!!

check out the links are correct, any questions do not hesitate to ask !!!! very simple ...



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11 Discussions

Can I use capacitor of 6600mf, pls share the wiring diagram

Hello i got to the point where the drl turns on, but i cant get the relay to trip so the turn signal leds blink. What am i doing wrong?? Ive done this like. I lost count lol!!

2 replies

What part did you stop? you checked the wires that go to the relay ?

I did like a thousand times. The relay dosent switch to turn the other light on. How and or where do i use a switch?? Im just confused on that part.

Could this be used to turn off a headlight while the turn signal is activated?

1 reply

Belo circuito Renan, parabéns, vc pode me ajudar a montar? Qual rele usado entre outros.

Would the capacitance change depending on the type or number of LEDs ?? ?

1 reply

it does not change, just to keep the relay activated while the turn signal is active, not to blink the two colors together