Led and Incandescent Lamp Flashlight

Introduction: Led and Incandescent Lamp Flashlight

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Went on ebay a few months ago and bought 10 on-off-on toggle switches thinking I could use their glorious positioning abilities for future projects. Unfortunately months have pasted and I stilled had no opportunity to utilize said center off toggle switch until today.  Travelling through the wondrous dollar store in my area, a budding instructablers paradise I came upon some cheap flashlights for only a dollar (you would have thought). I then had the Led/Lamp flashlight idea, it was like retarded Einstein without the complex math.

Step 1: I Want the Green One

First step obtain a flashlight through purchase or theft (I don't condone the latter).
Second step take the flashlight apart and gaze at its beautiful simplicity, maybe sheds some tears.
Third step gather parts, Leds, batteries, toggle switch, wire, soldering iron and hot glue gun (every western crafters best friend)

Step 2: Time for Drilling

Its time to drill, "I've never missed a depth in my life," Armageddon. For this project we will only be drilling a few millimeters so all that is required is a Dremel. 
Take the flashlight reflector and drill about 3 holes or more depending on your LEDs specifications.
I am using 3 Leds I had laying around the house and I will be powering the whole thing with a 9 volt.
Roughly space out where you'd like drill the 3 holes and "drill baby drill," thanks Sarah Palin now go back to watch, baby watch Russia.
Hot glue the LEDs in the holes and position them so the postive (+) and negative (-) contacts alternate. This will make soldering easier.

Step 3: Time to Remove the Switches and Trim the Light

Remove the original on and off switch on the flashlight.
Luckily the orifice (that sounds dirty) fits the toggle switch I had, so I didn't have to widen the hole but you might.
Trim the end of the flashlight down so  you can insert an old pill container to hold the 9 volt battery that will power the whole unit.
You don't have to do this but I found these old pill containers at my grandmothers house and after eating all the old pills I saw visions  and I had this bright idea.

Step 4: Basic Layout and Soldering

So I forgot to take picture of how to solder this thing together, probably because of the glutinous pill consumption but here's the basic method.
If you are using a on-off-on toggle switch the center 2 contacts are for power. Solder the main power supply to those contacts right now polarity doesn't matter.
Next solder 2 wires to the incandescent bulb to the front 2 contacts on the toggle switch and switch it on to see if it works.
Finally solder together the LEDs in series and solder the 2 wires to the second contacts on the toggle switch. Make sure you check for polarity by switch the toggle switch on to see if the LEDs come on, if they don't just change the wires around on the contacts.
Last step piece to together the LED/Incandescent flashlight like the picture show and hot glue it together.

Step 5: Let There Be Lights

God said let there be LED lights but he saw that the lights were dim but power consumption friendly so on the 6 day decided create incandescent light too, to brighten the night and protect us from those damn gremlins.
Hope you liked this project, simple and easy... currently working on something more complex. thanks

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