Led Desk Lamp


Introduction: Led Desk Lamp

Here you can see how I made my desk lamp.
What you need:
- wooden plate
- led strip 1 meter
- carton, steel, aluminum, plastic plate
- glue
- jigsaw

- switch if you want

- soldering iron

votes are appreciated!

Step 1: Sawing the Wood Parts

You can saw the side plates with a jigsaw. I added an 1:1 drawing in PDF.

Step 2: Cutting the Other Parts

I used carton for the back side. It's cheap and easy to cut and when you paint it, it looks good too.

Step 3: Glueing Toghetter

Glue 2 offset blocks between the 2 wooden sides for firmness. Next place the carton in the grooves and add a bit of glue.

Step 4: The Ledstrip

I cut a ledstrip of 1 meter in 2 pieces and and solder them with a small wire togheter. I don't use the connector for the controller but solder it too.



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    4 Discussions

    Very nice, you're ready for next Star Trek movie set. I like it, good job.

    This is a cool looking lamp! It looks super bright with those LED strips. Nice work!