Led Ghost O Lantern

Introduction: Led Ghost O Lantern


1. 1 piece of white paper ...white is the best because the light shines through.

2. Scissors

3.1 or 2 led flashlights..or any kind of LED light can be used. Any other light source is not dark enough

4. Tape

Step 1: Cut Out

Fold paper in half one time.....in the middle cut one hole for the nose. Then cut a slice for the mouth, then unfold the paper and fold it into 4 meaning Un fold it...the 2 flaps one on left one on right fold those 2 flaps over so they meet in the middle of the paper, then you fold it in the middle this is so you can cut out the eyes and so they are in the right place.....if more info neeeded see the picture in next step. Cut the eyes....all cuts can be in any shape and form you would like and you can make several of these and they will all be different.

Step 2: After the Scissor Cuts

This is what it should look like after all the cuts...But like I said they will all be different and unique.

Step 3:

I usually cut it in half and then tape both sides together so it is a better shape. Some prefer to not cut it and just tape the one side together...either way is good .

Step 4: Tape Together

Tape both sides together if you cut it in half, or tape just the one side if you did not cut it in half .

Step 5: Finished Product Before LED LIGHT

This is what your finished product should look like...Most likley it will look better as I did this kind of quick to show all.

Step 6: Insert Led Lights

Insert 1 or 2 LED lights can be flashlights a bulb really anything. Hard to see it at all in the picture but in a dark room this lights up all on the wall to and the kids love them esspecialy for halloween.


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    this is really cool! you should put a picture of the finished project as your main picture to catch people's attention more in the recent feed.