Left, Right - Directional Driving Aid (Funny Useful Gift)

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Someone once complimented my driving skills, but the second after mentioned how terrible my sense of direction is.  As the usual designated driver, I have to be more competent than my inebriated friends. 

"LEFT, RIGHT, NO YOUR OTHER LEFT..." is something I usually hear and I've gotten used to being teased.  I must add that I'm left handed, so I've always given the excuse that my left is MY RIGHT...and so on (JOKINGLY of course).  So, I was thinking that I could find my own solution, and I came up with this nifty aid.  I mean, directionally challenged can only be funny the first 4 times, then it really is a problem. 

This is a way of me poking fun of the situation and solving the problem.  I mean no offense to anyone and I hope you all find this as nifty as I do.


Step 1: Materials

You will need:

A Ruler
Velcro strips
A piece of fabric larger than 6"x4"
Needle and Thread
White acrylic paint
hot glue

Step 2: Measure and Cut

Measure 9 inches of fabric, to be cut in half.
The length of the fabric will be 6 by 5 1/2.

Cut the fabric to create two identical pieces.

Step 3: Fold, Font, and Draw

Fold  the fabric along the shorter approximately an 1 1/4 from the sides.  You will be left with 2 inches of fabric facing up in width and 6 inches in length.  Pin this down to keep the fabric from losing it's shape.

Select your favorite font.

Draw on your fabric with a sharpie.

Step 4: Paint, Sew a Decorative Line, Add Velcro, and Hot Glue.

Carefully paint the sharpie drawings with acrylic paints.  Decorate with splotches of paint...if you would like.  Finally sew a decorative dashed line about 1/4" away from top side of the letter fabric edge.  Sew a similar line approximately the same distance from the bottom edge of the letter. 
Add a piece of velcro at the top, below the line.

Add velcro to the bottom of the front side. 

Glue gun the edges in.  And seal the back edge with a small strip of glue.

Step 5: Put on Your Steering Wheel.

Place the velcro in any fashion that works with your steering wheel.




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    6 years ago on Introduction

    My wife is directionally challenged. My wife is also left handed. Thank you for helping me to have some understanding of her situation. I always knew she is not "stupid". It has been a mystery to me why someone doesn't know their left from their right. I like your instructable... and i am very tempted to affix these to her steering wheel.... No.. maybe i better not.

    2 replies

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    btw, my husband thought it was funny...he said, "I knew you said you were going to do this, but I didn't really believe you."