Leftover Chicken Surprise #3

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So, I'm wearing down my leftover chicken supply, and am fulllllll of chickens in my tummy. So here's where I'll stop the leftover chicken rampage that's been going on for a week. (In my family, leftovers are a big deal. You don't throw anything away after the first meal, because SOMEONE is going to eat it the next day for lunch or a snack. I've noticed my boyfriend's family is very different. They throw a lot out that can be salvaged for some gooood re-cookin'.)

#3 Chicken Fried Rice.

Extremely simple, I can do it in my sleep. Take your steamed rice, heat it in a frying pan with some soy sauce, or teriyaki sauce. Add some spices, stir it up, and let it heat. Push the rice to one side of the pan (it helps having a large wok or a giant frying pan), and crack an egg or two in that space. Let the egg fry a bit, so it's not liquid-y, and then stir it into the rice. Take your leftover chicken, again, and cut it however you may please. Tiny bits, larger bits, but bits nonetheless! Whatever vegetables you have left in your kitchen, especially after a week's worth of cooking, grab that too. Toss everything into the frying pan with the rice! Everything, all at once. Add more seasoning! I love adding Sriracha. Love the way my nose runs every time.

Make sure everything is nice and steamed, heated up way high! Then serve with a glass of water, or an ice cold beer :D



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Perfect! Nothing goes to waste in our house, either. Even the cats eat leftovers.