Leftover Felt Necklace: Rainbow Colors

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Intro: Leftover Felt Necklace: Rainbow Colors

Since I have been working so many felt projects.I have lots of leftovers felts at home.And I love those lovely bright colors. And I don't want to through them.So I decided to make something with those leftovers felts.

For this project what you need:

1) Leftovers felts

2) Trim /cord or you can use ribbons

3) glue

That's it.

Step 1: Cutting Felt

So here are lots lovely bright colors felt. First, you need to cut the felt as shown in the pic.

And then I arranged all the color in order I like.

Step 2: Making Necklace

Now my felt is ready. I used this trim/cord or you can use ribbons also.

Then one by one all the felt stick with the glue as you van see in the pic.

You are done. Rainbow color leftover felt necklace is ready.

I hope you will enjoy.



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