Leg Shaving Tip

Introduction: Leg Shaving Tip

I Shave my legs EVERY time I'm in the shower ! yes even in the winter !. I thought this was the norm till I started talking with some friends apperently shaving is a pain when you have tots , hectic lives ect. Anyway I DONT use shaving cream , I do get smooth results every time (say good bye to razor burn ladies ), and it takes me 1.5 mins in the shower !!.

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Step 1: Supplies

no less then 3+ Blades on whatever brand you want MENS razor (replaced when you start to feel dulling) $5+

a body loofah $0.97+

any shampoo ( I use the cheap stuff for my legs ;) $1

Step 2: The Process

Quarter size cheap shampoo , scrub your legs with the poof untill you feel NO prickly action !!! and they are nice and soapy
(I no mine is anything but , but I was one handed here and not actually in the shower )
then and ONLY then , run the razor ankle to knee all the way round your leg !!

Step 3: The Magic ??

all I can say is the loofah scrubbing removes the dead skin around each hair follicle and I scrub vigorously until my skin like relaxes , scrub till you have no goosebumps or prickling and voila!! Happy shaving

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I have to do three different kinds of scrubbing since I have keratosis Pilaris (chicken skin). Super susceptible to ingrowns. First I use a body scrub. Then I use a thicker coarser body scrub. Then I shave. Then I use another body scrub. And finally, shave again to get the hairs that were covered by skin. Then the thickest lotion I have. And I still get an ingrown every so often.