Legal Ninjago Spinner Hack





Introduction: Legal Ninjago Spinner Hack

Want to win at Ninjago? This spinner hack will show you how.

Step 1: Take Out the Bottom Piece


Step 2: Modify the Tip

Get a 2x2 brick and put it on top the tip. Attach it back. You will notice that it will be taller.

Step 3: Lock Your Spinner

Match the two arrows together. Then, get two 1 by two blocks and put them on each side of the grey moving piece. This will prevent you figure from falling and is also a good shield.

Step 4: Character.

Choose a tall character and make him hold his weapon in two hands. That will give more grip.

Step 5: Complete

You probably will win most of your battles because your character won't be near reach from other opponents. You will have the upper power. Hahaha puns. :D



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    This is so cool I'll use it!!!