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There's no need to run around all of Hyrule smashing pots in order to stock up on bombs when you can make them yourself! I came by the idea for these candles on Etsy a long time ago but their listing/shop is now gone. So here's how you can make them for yourself!

Link's shopping list:
Candle wax
Candle wicks
Blue and grey crayons
Essential Oils
Microwave safe bowl
Sphere mold
A small plastic bottle/round container

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Step 1: Heat Up Your Candle Wax and Crayon

A microwave is a simple way to melt the wax down. Zap your wax in a microwave safe bowl with a couple chopped up blue crayons in 20-30s intervals until everything is liquefied. But if you don't mind waiting, I suggest letting it slowly melt in a larger bowl of boiled water so you don't risk over heating the wax.

The more crayon the better! If it comes out too pale you can always just reheat it again. You can bulk buy crayons online so children in your household don't wonder where all their blue crayons suddenly disappeared to.

Step 2: Add Your Essential Oil

Add about 6-7% of your total wax in your choice of essential oils. I thought it was most appropriate to use Lemon Grass as grass is Link's number one source of income :)

Step 3: Add the Wax Into Your Candle Mold

I used a large silicon sphere ice cube maker for the mold which you can buy online on eBay/Amazon. You can get actual round molds for candle making but these things are great and you'll most likely use them again. They can be practically used for anything such as chocolates, soap, jelly and iced treats!

I added a wee bit of sticky tack to the base of the wick so it would stand in position when pouring in the wax. Use a funnel to make your life easier and less mess. Fill the mold up to the top and put it in the fridge for an hour to cool off.

The candle will naturally leave a small crater in the top as it cools. This will be covered in another step so there's no need to fill it up.

Step 4: Create a Mold for the Top of the Candle

Find something small and circular you can use for the mold to place at the top of the candle. I came across an empty plastic spray bottle at home that was perfect. Cut it down and twist it in a few millimeters so no wax leaks out once it's filled.

Step 5: Heat Up the Wax and Crayon for Your Top Mold

Heat up a tiny amount of wax with grey crayon and pour that into the top mold. Once cooled down give it a little twist and it should slide straight off.

Cut the wick down to the size you'd like and scrape off any remaining wax with your finger nails or a blade. You can also easily slice off a small portion of the base of the candle with a sharp knife if you'd it not to be a rolling fire hazard.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Ganondorf better watch out now because Link has an unlimited supply of bombs! These will make a great gift for the avid Zelda fan in your life. Even if they're not a huge user of candles, they'll make a unique addition to their ever growing collection of all things Legend of Zelda.

Hope you guys liked this tutorial! If so, please follow me for more creative and geeky DIYs. I upload videos weekly on my YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/c/CreateGeek :)



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