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Introduction: Legend of Zelda: Link's Hat

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HOWDY GUYS! So I am a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda series! And I am making a series of crafts related to it! At some point, I will make a playlist of it! Please show me a picture of your hat!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

So you will need, green felt, green thread, a needle (or sewing machine), sharpie (or a fabric marker), and sewing scissors. I hope you enjoy making this! It takes approximately 25 minutes. It depends if you hand sew or if you use a sewing machine.

Step 2: Draw Your Triangle

Lay your felt out and then draw a large triangle!

Step 3: Fold

Simple enough. Just fold your triangle in half. Then trim it to fit!

Step 4: Sewing

Now just sew the sides so you can put it on! When your done, turn the hat inside-out! THEN YOUR DONE!

Step 5: My Model

I know most of you guys have a model. But I put it on my teddy bear. I think it suits him! HOPE YOU LIKED THIS!



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I think he means that this is nothing like his hat, I like it though, Easy & Cheap, my kind of thing, GOOD JOB!

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Quick question, is that your daughter in your profile pic? She's so cute!

*face palm* I meant to say she's my neice! How did I just now catch this after a year or so?

What do you mean?


1 year ago

Is this a joke?