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Introduction: Legend of Zelda Valentine Message - Tunisian Crochet

 I made this wall hanger for my wife for valentines day this year.  It is done using Tunisian crochet.  The great thing about tunisian crochet is you can use any pattern that is in a grid formation.  This makes cross stitch patterns and charts drawn in excel or on graph paper, perfect!  since one stitch is roughly a perfect square, it makes it perfect for old school 8-bit art work.

If you have never crocheted before and wish to learn, this instructable is a great place to start.

Step 1: Link Message Line by Line

Here you can see the progress of the design, line by line.  The patterns are worked from the bottom up and from right to left.

Click here for the Link pattern

Step 2: Following a Simple Pattern

If you are new to Tunisian Crochet, let's learn with a simple pattern such as the one below.  Once you have the basic skills to make this one, you can easily move to more complex patterns.

We are going to make a simple 10x10 swatch using a cross design.  click here to download the pattern.

Here is a youtube video I created on how to follow the downloadable pattern.

See the notes on the pictures below for detailed instructions on each step.

The pattern has 10 boxes, horizontally, so let's begin by chaining 10 stitches.
Insert your hook into the closest stitch to our hook, yarn over and pull through.
Repeat in the next stitch.  Do this in every stitch until you have 10 loops on your hook.  Each row of the pattern requires two crochet patterns.  The forward pass and the retun pass.  We just completed the forward pass, now let's do the return pass.
for the first stitch coming back, yarn over and pull through ONE loop only.
For the remainder of the pass, yarn over and pull through two stitches.  Repeat until the end of the row.
That completes row one, now repeat for the remainder of the rows in the pattern.  When you come to a different color box in the chart, you have to change yarn colors.  Just simply loop the new yarn over the hook and pull through.
Once you are finished with your last row, it is time to bind off.  Insert your hook through the first stitch in the forward pass, yarn over and pull through as you have been the entire time.  You will now have two loops on your hook.  slip the left most stitch through the right most stitch.  This is called a slip stitch.  Do this for the remainder of the stitches in the row, cut your yarn and you are done!

Step 3: More Examples of Tunisian Crochet

Here are a few more designs I have made using this method.

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Good Luck!



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    4 years ago

    I've been crocheting for years but I've never done this Tunisian stitch thing and I'm honestly a little overwhelmed xD but after countlessly encountering cross stitch patterns and now reading that you can do them with this Tunisian stitch I think I might try my hand at this. So Thank you for making this tutorial, heh I'm sure it'll help me try and learn this lol

    cheers. twice the 8bit fun!

    not sure i did this right? the backs very messy...

    2013 12:27.jpg2013 12:27.jpg
    1 reply

    Yep, you did it right. The back is always horribly messy. And the more colors you use, the messier it look. I usually make two panels and then so them together, back to back, just to hide the backs. You could also do something like put felt or cloth on the back. Good job!

    Although I cannot crochet, I latch hook. This would make a great rug for my hubby for his 30th birthday, I will be saving the pattern. Now I'll be able to use part of the humungous roll I bought off eBay all those years ago :)

    1 reply

    I started working on this. I added Zelda (The girl)to the latch hook and it looks cute. I just need to do the black and white - which will probably take forever. I'll add pics as soon as I have one.

    I was literally thinking of doing something like this when i found your Instructable... Good job (: will do something similar, probably not crocheted though...

    This is fantastic! I've never heard of Tunisian crochet before, but I guess everybody always learns something new on Instructables. What size hook did you use?

    This is so perfect for a gift for my girlfriend! She's a HUGE legend of zelda fan :P
    But about how big is the end product?

    Omg i love this. Ive only just started to crochet but allready have a number of projects lined up to make and this just became top of the list. I love Link.
    Plus your vidio is fantastic its so easy to follow. thanks for this. :D

    1 reply

    Thank you for saying so. I hope yours comes out awesome! I'd love to see a pic when you're done.

    Also, how do I know how much yarn to wrap arround each bobbin? And is it necessary to do so? Or does it just make it easier and neater to make?

    1 reply

    It doesn't matter. Just wrap it until it's full. The more yarn you get on the bobbin, the less tie-ins you will have.

    This is really fantastic. I'm attempting to make one myself but I want to get the colors just right. What brands and color yarn did you use for the skin tone and the filled hearts?

    1 reply

    Thanks! Just go visit the Redheart yarn section at walmart or hobby/craft store. You can find everything you need. I know I used "buff" for the skin color. I don't remember the name of the red. Good luck and I'd love to see how it comes out.

    This is driving me nuts! I have no problem with the tunisian stitch as I have used it many times. My problem is with the color changes! Yes, I have bobbins and it's not about keeping yarn separate. I cannot get the pattern to work. The change to the brown does not work using the pattern. I do the change from the part where you add on which I think is correct. The brown doesn't come out to what it should be. Does that make sense? Any way you can recreate the actual first couple of rows and photograph them like you did with the blue with cross piece? I really want to make this one!

    1 reply

    I will be happy to help with your problem, however, I don't quite understand what's wrong.  The pattern is worked exactly the same as the blue cross pattern I used as an example.  If you could elaborate, I may be able to help better.


     zOMG RUSSM313 HAS DONE IT AGAINZ!!!!!!!!!!
    heres the Math.
    Old School Gamer
    Granny like knitter

    1 reply