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Introduction: Legend of Zelda Wall Key Holder

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For this tutorial I will be showing you how I made a key holder of one of my favorite video games. This iconic scene from the game brings back many memories of my child hood when I look at it which was one of the main reasons for choosing this image. I first got this idea from seeing pictures of key holders other people were making(link to some key holders done on wood), I came across one similar done on a laser cutter and it sparked the idea in my head to make it out of some left over supplies I had from previous projects I have made. I hope this tutorial helps you make one or something similar to it for your home or office, its a good way to keep track of your keys so that you don't lose them. This is my first Instructable so enjoy, I will be adding videos and more pictures soon.

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Step 1: Select Your Wood Piece

I had a piece of wood that I purchased at Hobby lobby for a few dollars and didn't know what to do with it so I saw some cool key holders people were making from the legend of Zelda video game so I decided to make one.

First you will need to purchase your piece of wood from any hobby or art store, they come in different shapes and sizes , its all a matter of personal preference.

Step 2: Next We Need to Paint It

I used Black acrylic all surface paint. Make sure you do 2 or 3 layers, letting each dry before you add a new one. I purchased mine at Michaels art supply store.

Step 3: Print Your Image and Add to Wood Piece.

Next I used water slide decal paper to print the image using a color laser jet printer. You want to make sure you resize the image to fit your piece of wood. I used the Water slide paper with white as the background. I purchased mine online for under 10 bucks, I was using them for my Lego mini figures and had a lot left over. Here is a link below to purchase some decals. You can use your left over for many other projects, your imagination is your limit.

Waterslide decal link (click here)

Once you have printed it out cut out your decal using an x-acto knife or scissors and follow directions on packaging to add the decal to your painted wood piece. I used a spray bottle to wet the back of the decal and the surface of the wood piece. Just requires enough for the decal to peel off and you can slide it off and center it on your piece of wood. (Video coming soon) for now use the link below to help you from user DIYDSP on YouTube, this is the video I watched to learn how to use this type of decal and he explains it very well.

Waterslide tutorial

Step 4:

Now after your decal is dry you will need Modge Podge to seal it so that it wont get scratched off and blends in with the wood better. I let it dry over night but it should only take a few hours for it to dry completely. . I used the spray form of Modge Podge but they also have the type you can brush on. It dries clear so don't worry. Here is a link to purchase online or at your local art supply store

Modge Podge Link

Next let the Modge Podge dry. You will now need hooks to hold your keys. I purchased mine at Home Depot, you can add as many as you want and they come in different sizes. As you noticed from the picture I only added 3 of them, measure out the distance between each point where you want to add them with a ruler so that they are evenly distributed and screw them on , you don't require any tools to do this. (Video coming soon).

Step 5: Hang It Up

The final step is to hang it up and enjoy your work. I added mine near my door so that I can hang my keys as I walk inside. To hang it I simply used picture hanging strips, they are strong enough to hold the weight and also don't damage your wall so you can easily remove it and change its location with ease. These are available almost anywhere you shop at like Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, or Michaels but below is a link so you can purchase online.

Hanging strips link

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    3 years ago

    This is awesome! You have my vote!


    3 years ago

    This is a fun idea! My husband and I say that to each other if we forget something while we're walking out the door already. XD


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you, glad you like it. There have been times that I can't find my keys and it's always when I'm running late too ?, now I made it a habbit to hang them on the wall right away.