Legend of Zelda Heart Container Coasters

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My boyfriend and I are both huge Legend of Zelda fans. I wanted to make some projects from the game, and decided to start with the heart containers. We've been in bad need of coasters ever since we moved to Oakland, our old hand sewn coasters seemed to have disappeared along the way. 

I am very new to using any sort of image creating/image altering software - I've only been using Inkscape for about a week at this point. I wanted something easy.

I brought up a grid, drew squares to plot out the heart shape and to allow for etching, and then I outlined the heart to allow for cutting.

I lasercut them into wood and they're just the perfect size for a bottle of beer or a glass. Now all we need is a coffee table so we stop setting drinks all over the apartment and then wondering where they've gone!

I've included my Inkscape file, so you should make your own heart container coasters! If you make some and post a picture in the comments, I'll give you a three month pro membership. I'd love to see yours! :D



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I've never done laser cutting, but I wonder if you could make these out of cork or something absorbent if you're using these as coasters. I don't know how the etching would come out, though. Might be worth a shot?

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I think I saw some laser cut and etched cork floating around the office. I'm sure it's possible, I'm just such a newb to laser cutting that I didn't want to push it. ;)

    It is an excellent idea, though!