Legendary G@tto's Espresso Foamy Coffee

About: A curious C@t surfing the web.

What you need:

1 - A good, basic, coffee machine,

2 - Top branded arabica coffee (Illy, Musetti, Vergnano, Segafredo...),

3 - Water,

4 - Fine granulated sugar,

5 - Coffee cup & coffee spoon,

6 - Milk cream.

Step 1: Directions:

- Put sugar in a cup,

- add the first coffee drops from the machine,

- toss(*) until you obtain an almost white mixture,

- add the rest of coffee and a hint of cream...

(*) You may need a little training to obtain the right density.

Step 2: Light Up a Cigar/ette, Relax and Enjoy Your Coffee!



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