Leggo Rubber Band Gun Mechanism




i made a trigger mechanism for a rubber band gun made out of leggo some time back now but it still works fine, the concept is pretty simple and i'll only give instructions to make the trigger mechanism not a whole gun you can do that yourself , if you cant i dont understand why you can see your monitor through all the white out.

Again i cant save the steps (error on page its says) so i'll put it all in one again


all you ned for this are a few leggo pieces and keep in mind its only for the trigger you'll have to put it in a gun to have any use from it.

the picture kinda explains all the pieces you need and the point "X" sticks out towards you.

before anyone says anything i know the construction wont stay together i'm using thes pieces just to show distances

also it all to scale...ish

the second pic shows the pieces for the actual trigger,
theyre are
6 of the grey pieces
3 of the black pieces
1 blue piece and
2 of the gren pieces
theyre are front and side pics of each

3rd pic is how to put them together(again front and side)
the black line on one is an outline of my actual piece and it works better for the trigger

fourth pic shows were to put each piece, they wont actually sit like that unless you take the "X" piece out but when you put it in they should be slanted forward

now all you ned to do is put a case on the other side (so it doesnt fall out) and rubber band from bottm of trigger piece to pull the bottom forward (hook band somewere on barrel when made).

to load

after the trigger is being pulled forward the blue bit should spin around almost free but keep stopping on end of the trigger piece.

hook the rubberband around the top of the blue one and pull to end of barrel.

blue piece should now be resting on trigger.

pull back trigger to fire

but the main point of this design is the secon green piece which allows it to be semi-automatic. after you load one band swivle the blue piece backwards so it goes around 180 degrees and clicks then load another.
repeat until you have about 6 rubber bands, more and it can break from tension (it is after all only leggo)

pull triger to fire, release and pull again
repeat until empty

hope this is good enough i would post some real pic but cant find camera.



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    make a vid and post it on youtube (\_/) <) please copy my bunny and paste him on every instructables. it will help him take over the world. copy the bunny and spred the word


    11 years ago on Introduction

    no offense, but thats a pretty bad instructable,and legos arent color coded like k'nex i really gota get those new lego peices, i only got old ones


    12 years ago

    really genius. it doesn;t really matter