Legit Alien Chestburster Costume

Introduction: Legit Alien Chestburster Costume

What You Need:

4 inch pipe (find it at Lowes)
Tin Foil
Sculpy Clay
Ivory Spray Paint
Blood Red Paint
Fake Blood
White T-Shirt
Silver Paint
Velcro Straps
Thin Hexagon Wood Plank 
Hot Glue/ Super Glue

1. Drill a hole in the center of the wood and slide pipe into place, super glue the pipe into the hole and let it dry. Cut slits on each edge of the hexagon wood plank and slip straps into them so they come from the front of the chest to attach in the back. Be sure to make it fit the wearer.
2. Stuff the pipe with tin foil, creating a lump on top of the pipe, this forms the alien's head shape. Squash a few lumps of clay onto to pipe, and begin to sculpt the alien. It has a large forehead with no eyes, make the facial area smooth. The mouth has no apparent lips, but it has lots of sharp teeth, so be sure in include those. The temples in jaw consist of random lines and patterns with one main line running from the bottom of the jaw and curving upward on both sides. The tail is wrapped around the alien at the base of where is busted out. I found it fun to make a few intestines and flesh lumps around it from where it came out.
3. Paint the whole thing with the ivory spray paint, let that dry for about 2 hours. Next get the red paint and paint all of the intestines and flesh, with a few extra smears on the alien. But don't go too far with the smears because remember, you'll be covered in fake blood anyways. Next, carefully paint the teeth silver.
4. Find an old white T-shirt and tear a hole at the base of the rib cage. You can paint red around the edges of the hole if you want to. Find any pants you are willing to get fake blood all over for the costume.
5. On Halloween, put the main piece on then put the shirt over it. If the shirt hangs over the alien, just hot glue the shirt around the edges of where the alien shows. Make sure no wood is visible through the hole, if so, paint it red. Because the side effect of having a chestburster are puking blood, make it look like blood is pouring from your mouth. Also, make scratches on your cheeks to add the facehugger effect. Lastly, pour blood all over the alien and the area around it. Ta-daa!!!

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    4 years ago

    Hi, I know I sound like the idiot I am but is the pipe meant to be 4 inches long or 4 inches wide?